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Coach Hire Luton

Vehicle Types used in Coach Hire Luton

Coach Hire Luton strived to provide luxurious and comfortable coach hiring services throughout the area. In order to provide with the luxury and comfort our customers ask for we have a wide range of fleet services ranging from Iveco minibuses vehicle standard, to executive Mercedez, to 49 and 53 seater coach hire.

Whether you are looking for a small family picnic or a vehicle for an event transport you will find everything at coach hire Luton. Our Vehicle consists of following fleet and more:

  • Iveco Minibuses Vehicle Standard
  • Ford Transit Standard Minibuses
  • Executive Mercedez Vehicle
  • Renault Master Standard
  • 8 Seater Minibus
  • 12-14eater minibus
  • 16 Seater Minibus
  • 24 Seater Mini Coach
  • 28-35 Seater
  • 49 Seater-53 Seater Coach
  • Double Decker Coach 72 Seater

We pride ourselves in building long-term relations with clients because of providing them with comfort and fulfilling their exact transport requirements. With years of experience in the industry we have developed our fleet based on the requirements of personal and professional coach hiring requirements of Luton. Our fleet vehicles are selected on the basis of their comfort and safety but in order to even safer we install cctv cameras. Moreover, our fleet is regularly assessed for safety checks in order to ensure that before going on a trip, our coaches are mechanically safe and clean. So, with our fleet you will never have to worry about unclean or unsafe vehicles.

So, whether you want a trip to the beach a picnic outside Luton, coach for school pick and drop our fleet can fulfil all services. In addition to customizing our fleet for our customers we have also built specific pick-up and drop points for our customers, but no worries if you want the coach to pick you up from a destination of your choice. Since, we provide services of both picking up from specific pick up points we have and picking you up from the destination of your choice.

If you are looking for a coach hire service but need to avail a market competitive price, please visit our contact us page and request a quote. If you don’t know which coach would be suitable for you all you will need to do is give us a call or send a detailed description of your trip requirements and we will get back to you in no time. 

Top 5 Things to do in Luton

If you are planning to visit Luton then here is a list of few things that you should do to make your trip memorable and fun:

See the Mossman Collection

When in Luton, a thing on your to do list should be seeing the Mossman collection full of heritage, vintage and classic cars of all times. The Mossman collection is held at the beautiful Stockwood Park and is symbolic to the tradition of when horse carriages were given to the Luton museum for display. If you are a car lover then seeing the Mossman collection will turn your dreams into reality.

Bike around the River Lea

If you are planning a family trip and hiring a coach then you should definitely have a picnic around River Lea. A picnic around river lea can be full of unlimited activities, i.e. bike around the river on a beautiful cycling track, fishing with family and boating. If you want to eat in a local restaurant around River Lea then you can visit Saracens Head for the best burgers, fries and BBQ in the town.

Scotts Grotto

If you want to visit historical sites and learn interesting historical stories then Scotts Grotto is the place you’re looking to visit. A small architectural building which is not easy to spot looks like a very small cell when you enter it but upon walking for few minutes you will enter a large central place of the Grotto and you will be in awe of the great architecture and the story behind it.

Luton Indoor Market

If you are tired of shopping in the malls and grocery stores and want a change, then visiting Luton Indoor Market might be exactly what you are looking for. With more than 130 shops organized in an indoor area with fresh foods from all over the world and variety of other pleasantries, the Luton indoor market is a shopper’s dream. You will definitely be surprised on visiting Luton indoor market with halal food, shopping materials from all the world and fresh fish supplies.

Restaurants to Eat

When you are done with going to historical sites, admiring the beautiful landscape, great architecture you definitely want to eat at some great restaurant. You will be surprised at the choices of food you have available in Luton, whether you want English food, Indian, Thai, Chinese or any other food you will find excellent restaurants in Luton. You can visit Monna Lisa for traditional Italian food, Nakron Thai for Thai food, Nandos or Alankar.

If you are looking to relax in Luton you can visit different pubs built around the city. Although most of the pubs are serving students and designed for students .Luton still has several traditional style pubs. Once you visit Luton you will see the range of unlimited indoor and outdoor activities there are and we can promise you won’t be disappointed. 


Top 3 Places to Stay in Luton

If you are visiting Luton from another city/country and are looking for a comfortable and affordable place to stay with beautiful views, then read below for our top three picks for places to stay in Luton:

Comfort Hotel Luton

With the concept of budget traveling spreading around the world you might also be looking at an affordable travel plan while not compromising on the quality. If you are on a budget then going for Comfortable Hotel Luton would be the most comfortable choice you can make for your stay in Luton. As described by the hotel and its customers it’s a small comfortable hotel with laid back rooms, free wifi, and a bar. So, everything you need for your stay in Luton you will find under one roof.

Premier Inn Luton Airport

The Premier Inn Luton is also an extremely comfortable small lodge type hotel located just at 5 minutes’ drive from the Luton airport. The hotel is great for people who do not want to drive far away from the airport and are looking for a modern, comfortable and affordable place to stay in at an inexpensive price. Visitors have given a great rating to the Premier Inn and have described the rooms as spacious, comfortable, hygienic and clean.

Leaside Hotel

If you want to feel like royalty living in a castle then Leaside Hotel based out of an 1878 Victorian villa should be your top place to stay. The hotel is just on 8 minutes’ walk from Luton station and 3.2 miles away from the London Luton Airport. You can enjoy this restaurant with an all English breakfast, free wifi, bar and a parking space.

Doesn’t matter where you stay don’t leave before you have visited the entire city and have enjoyed its beautiful landscape, amazing restaurants, and fun activities.

Towns and Postcodes in Luton

Luton is a town situated in Bedfordshire at 20 miles from Aylesbury, 14 miles from Stevenage, 30 miles from London and 22 miles from Milton Keynes. The following map shows the different towns in Luton and their geographical location:

Luton is full of beautiful small towns and activities in each postcode, please find below the postcodes of Luton area to find activities based on the postcode:

  1.  LU1 ,
  2.  LU5 L,U6 ,LU7  and others
  • Luton is a large town to start your search of activities you can begin with some of the postcodes of Northampton mentioned above and start visiting beautiful landscape in different areas of Luton. Whether you are a sports fan, nature fan, concerts fan, party fan or history lover when you visit Luton and take our minibus day tour you are bound to enjoy the wide range of activities Luton has to offer in its different towns.

Upcoming Events of 2017-2018 in Luton

  • The Marlowes Food and Drink Festival 2017

If you are looking for a fun and relaxing event in Luton then the Marlowes Food and Drink Festival might be just what you are looking for. The event is great for families looking to relax with mouth watering street food, market stalls, live music and stalls for children entertainment. Get your tickets for the next weekend and enjoy a weekend with refreshments, drinks and unlimited fun for your children.

  • Specs Comedy

A night full of laughter and fun featuring Quincy, Steve Day, David Mills & compére Tony Vino on 17th of September. Specs Comedy is happening right in the heart of Luton. All you need to do is get your tickets, get your friends ready and enjoy a great experience with them

  • Talk Painting Collections at the House

On Sunday 30th of July, you can live the great world of art in Luton. Gather around your artsy friends and buy your tickets for talk painting collections at the House. You can book afternoon tea for yourself as well and enjoy Luton in a true English style, with tea and talk over paintings of prominent artists Sir Frank Dicksee, William Leader, George Vicat Cole and Frank Holl, in an informative talk led by Diane Brand.
Why Choose Luton Coach Hire?

Luton Coach Hire strives to provide comfortable, luxurious yet affordable coach hiring services to people throughout Luton. If you are wondering why you should choose Luton Coach hire then please read below:

  • 24 Hour Support

We believe in facilitating our customers as much as possible, therefore we have 24/7 support available for our clients. Whether you want to inquire about the coach you have hired, you want to upgrade a coach, downgrade or need assistance with anything else, and all you have to do is give us a call.

  • Safety and Comfort

We believe in safety and comfort of our clients. Therefore, we check our vehicles for all safety standards to ensure complete safety and comfort of our customers. Moreover, we verify all our drivers before hiring to ensure that we are putting our customers in safe hands.

  • Excellent Fleet

We have vehicles available for both small trips and large trips providing different levels of comfort and luxury. You can choose our 8 seater minibus or our 72 seater large bus. By choosing our service you’re giving yourself an excellent fleet to choose from.

  • Instant quote

Are you making a sudden plan and need an instant quote on transportation then you can instantly get a quote from your website, by adding a number of people traveling, starting point and destination point.

  • Fast Booking System

Do you think the quote you have received is affordable? Then all you need to do is book your coach right after getting your quote.

In addition to safety and comfort, a fast booking system, instant quote and excellent fleet we provide you with special discounts throughout the year to make your trips even more affordable.
Types of Services with Our Coach Company

You can benefit from a wide variety of services with Luton Coach hire because we have a wide range of fleet. While designing our services we adapt a design thinking approach by putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes and assessing what our customers would want. So, based on what we would want as a customer we design services that our customers would want. To provide our customers with a wide range of pre-planned packages to choose from please read below:

  • Minibus Hire Driver Luton

Looking for a small 6-8 seater minibus hire in Luton? Then you’re at the right place, all you need to do is visit our website and book your coach and a driver through our Hire Minibus and Driver Luton service.

  • Luton Airport Minibus

Coming to Luton with family? Or going from Luton on a trip with family you might be in a need or a minibus that can take you to the airport on time comfortably. All you need to do is click on the service enter your requirements and book the Luton Airport Minibus for yourself.

  • Luton Minibus Tours

We work with businesses and personal clients. If you are a tour company looking for tour buses for the city then you can book our Luton Minibus at any time. Alternately if you are a family or group of friends coming to Luton then book our Luton Minibus Tour with our experienced drivers who know the ins and outs of Luton city and can give you the best tour around Luton.

  • Airport Transfers Minibus Luton

We offer professional airport transfers with our Airport Transfer Minibus Luton service. You can easily book the service by calling us or by using our website.

  • Concert Minibus Luton

What could be better than a night of concert with friends? Is the concert you’re planning to attend out of the city? Are you looking for an affordable way for you and your friends or you and your family to get to the concert? Then book our minibus or even a 72 seater for reaching on time to your favorite concert.

  • Day Trips Minibus Luton

Book a minibus with a driver in Luton to enjoy great day trips in Luton and out of Luton. Our minibusses can be booked for 8 people to 16 people with experienced drivers who will provide you with a hassle free day trip experience.

  • Funerals Minibus Luton

We understand that funerals are already difficult on the family members and arranging transport on top of that could be even more difficult. We try to make the process of booking a minibus easier for the relatives. You can book a minibus easily within minutes from our website or on call.

  • Business/Cooperate events Luton

As mentioned earlier we provide services to both personal and business clients. Whether you are looking to book a minibus for your employees? Or for your guests or want a minibus for airport transfer of your employees, Luton coach hire strives to be your first choice partner.


  • Birthdays Minibus Luton

Make your birthday or your loved ones birthday, even more, fun by booking them a tour on a minibus through Luton or outside Luton.

  • Festival Minibus Luton

Luton is a city full of lights and festivals. You might need to book a minibus to reach the festival of your choice. If you’re all you need to do is tell us your requirements and get a quote for Festival Minibus Luton.

  • Night out

Enjoy a night full of life, laughter, and friends. Some trips mostly get canceled because of lack of affordable and comfortable transport for everyone. Minibus Luton hire has solved your problem by providing an affordable, comfortable and luxurious minibus service to you and your friends.

  • Weddings Minibus Luton

Taking your guests to your wedding venue on time is important for the entire event to go smoothly. With our Weddings Minibus Luton service you can ensure safe, punctual and comfortable travel to your wedding destination for your guests.

  • Coaches to Luton

We promise to serve you in and nearby areas of Luton with our excellent fleet of minibusses and coaches. If you are looking for coaches to Luton, all you need to do is contact Coach Hire Luton and you will be provided with an instant quote.

  • Coach Hire Prices Luton

Getting prices has never been easier! If you are looking for a price on coach hire in Luton, all you need to do is put your requirements on our website and get an affordable quote. We strive ourselves in providing cheap minibus and coach hire services to our customers. We understand that when customers are booking coaches instead of private cars they want an affordable and comfortable means of transport. Therefore, we have designed our services to be affordable for both personal and business clients, without compromising on the quality of our service.

  • Luxury Coach Hire

A common misconception about traveling on coaches and minibusses is that they are not comfortable and they cannot be luxurious. We are debunking that myth by designing a mixed fleet with affordable and luxurious coaches. If you are looking for a luxury coach hire then you can choose from one of our top vehicles that can be recognized on the basis of luxury they offer.

The services we offer vary on the basis of customer requirements. We believe that each customer has unique demands and based on unique demands of customers we have designed an excellent fleet with varying prices and luxury so that all our customers can choose a coach of their choice.

Call to Action

Are you looking for a quote on coach hire for your night out? Do you want to generally know what kind of prices we can offer on coach hire, or have any other queries? All you need to do is give us a call or submit your requirements through our website, and our professional team will get back to you in no time.